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When you thrive in life, you are able to takes steps to feel and be the person you would like to be. So often, life throws us something that gets in the way of this. 

Maybe you have already figured out what this is, perhaps you are still searching, or maybe there is something even deeper under the surface. I am here to help you identify the steps necessary to get you on track to being the person you wish to be and the world to know you as.


Mental Health

Sometimes life just doesn't give us a break and we begin carrying with us the weight of each life event. Some days you may think, "I got this!", other days just suck. You may be looking for a safe reprieve, and here, you can have that. Whether you are struggling through lifelong anxiety or depression that restricts your daily life or are struggling with adjusting to new life roles, we will work together to help you with symptom management and new ways to approach life so that you can make it the life you want. 

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Chemical Dependency & addictions

Everywhere you look, every emotion you feel may remind you of good reasons to go back to doing what you feel works good enough for you. Your family, friends, significant other and maybe the judge disagrees, and this whole thing is frustrating. But you CAN do this! Change won't just appear on its own. 

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Walking out of jail or prison can feel, well, liberating! On the other hand, you may be scared and freaking out. The anxiety is high, and maybe you have time looming over your head like a dark cloud,... one violation, and you will spend more years behind those ugly concrete walls, on those hard beds and eating way too much turkey.  You want to succeed this time, despite the number of people who are hesitant or have little hope. Your call today, is you first step to behavioral change and doing things different this time.  A more awesome life awaits.

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