Chemical Dependency Services

Occasionally. life becomes too much. Sometimes you lose your personal belongings, home or freedom. Perhaps you may think about what things would be like if you just could do it differently. Maybe you are still not sure if your use is a problem. We'll work to evaluate your use and how it may effect aspects of your life. Chances are though, if someone is telling you that something needs to change, then perhaps a certain part of your life has actually been impacted. Stop thinking about change, and let's get started! Give me a call and we can chat about your life and what you really want (more time with kids, family, sustainable income, freedom,...?). Perhaps you carry around life-old secrets, struggles and emotions that you have buried under your addictions. We will process the pain and uncover the reasons for your addiction. We will develop new habits to help you succeed and cope with what life will throw you, so you can thrive when it does happen! 

Why Great north counseling services?

  • Rule 25 Assessments, timely completion of assessments. Last-minute, same day assessments can sometimes be available, however, please keep in mind that 10-business days are allowed for completion and your collateral contacts are pertinent for me to complete your official letter of recommendation.
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), a treatment that is peer-supported, in which you work on one new step to present each week. For you, this means open, constructive feedback every scheduled day and accountability to help you stay on track. This is currently provided on a one on one basis, but I hope to be able to provide this in a group setting in the future.
  • Individual Chemical Dependency Services, to meet your needs. The business hours are flexible to meet client needs, including evenings until 7p. Saturday mornings from 9a-12p are set aside specifically to help individuals with re-entry for immediate contact to improve overall positive outcomes. You need to meet over the lunch hour? You got it. This is my practice, that was started so that I can better meet your needs. 
  • Group Counseling Services, are offered from time to time for self-pay clients only.  Please inquire.