Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

MRT is a curriculum or manual based CBT treatment that can be beneficial for all types of justice involved individuals including those in jails, prisons, community corrections, halfway houses, diversion, parole and probation, and drug/mental health/DUI courts and in a variety of settings inclduing: inside of correctional facilities, private practice settings, outpatient treatment settings and combined with other treatments. MRT is a SAMHSA NREPP program used for substance abuse and general treatment of criminal populations.

The program has 16 Steps with 12 of these typically completed in approximately 30 group sessions. Clients complete homework for each group prior to coming to a session. In the group each client presents his or her homework and the facilitator passes the client to the next step or has the client redo the homework based on objective criteria. All MRT groups are open-ended meaning that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time. Please note that should a group member not pass a step, completion dates may change. 

Anger Management 12-week course

The anger management workbook has eight modules, which in its own can be completed in 8-10 group sessions, but extra sessions are to ensure full completion of course should a client nor pass to the next module and to provide supplemental or individualized homework. 

Clients complete homework for each module prior to coming to the group session. During group, clients must present completed homework to the group, and the facilitator and peers then vote to pass the group member to the next module — or the facilitator will direct the client to redo the homework based on objective criteria.

The anger management groups are open-ended, meaning that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time. 

The workbook is individualized to specific client needs by requirements to meet with the facilitator or counselor at several modules. Supplemental materials may be utilized from other evidence-based curriculum, The STOP Domestic Violence Program, a CBT-based program or over CBT-based models to more effectively deliver education.