Re-entry Services

The turkey meals were overkill and vinegar noodles weren't your taste! The beds were hard and the lack of light gets tough. As much as those over-priced green and brown coffee packets served well during the time, let's pour you some real brew when you come in and work to also get your plans to brewing. You have so many reasons to get it right; more than that, you have a lot of people that love you and a lot of lost time to catch up on. Swing into action now while you are motivated! Together we will identify substance use habits and other addictions that go hand-in-hand with those, set realistic goals and practice accountability. You will learn how your own habits and thinking have been your worst enemy, but with some practice, can become your weapon for success.

What can Great North do for you?

You may choose to attend individual re-entry sessions where we will address the adjustments you are facing in re-entry; these come often in the form of services, but also referrals so that you are beginning to look after yourself from all aspects. These services are often initiated by a Diagnostic Assessment, unless one has already been complete in the last one year or Rule 25 Assessment to evaluate your needs.

  • Mental health
  • Chemical dependency
  • Employment search and resume-building, as well as referral sites to help you expand your skills
  • Housing resource, health and peer support referrals
  • Focus on relationships
  • Goal-setting and time management. Yes! Lots of that! 

If it is out of my realm, I will seek community resources to help guide you. A wise little girl told me (actually I think it was off of 'Shimmer & Shine'), "If you work together, things will get better." And so, I feel about working with other entities to best serve you. While I cannot make miracles happen or provide a magic wand that will multiply available housing or jobs, I will try my best to bring helpful resources that might give you the upper-hand that you need.